How to gain control of your free time | Laura Vanderkam

Translator: Nawal Sharabati Checker: Riyad Almubarak When people know that I write about time management, they assume two things. First, I’m always punctual, and I’m not. I have four young children, I would like to blame them for the reason for my delay sometimes, but the reason for my delay is not just their fault. One time I was late for my own conversation about time management. (Laughter) We had to taste the irony together. The other thing the audience assumed was that I had a lot of advice and skills To save some time here and there. I will sometimes hear from magazines that create stories like this: How to help their readers find an extra hour a day. The idea is that we save a little time in everyday activities and put them together. And we will have time to do useful things. I doubt the whole hypothesis about this part, but I am always interested To hear their findings before communicating with me. Here are some of my favorites: Do tasks where you just have to make shifts with the right hand – (Laughter) Be very logical in using a microwave: The food packaging directions, three to three and a half minutes And we get it completely by placing it on the underside My favorite thing about me is a bit of logic Is to record your favorite TV shows so you can skip commercials. In this way, you save eight minutes every half hour So when you watch TV for two hours, You have 32 minutes of exercise. (Laughter) This is true. Did you know another way to find 32 minutes of exercise? You don’t watch two hours of television a day, do you? (Laughter) Anyway, the idea is to save a little time here and there and bring them together We will finally get to do anything we want to do. But after studying how successful people spend their time And consider their agenda hour by hour I think this idea is completely counterproductive. We do not build the lives we desire by saving time. We build our lives that we want So it saves itself on its own, and that’s what I mean. I recently made a project to write down time And consider the 1,001 day in the lives of very busy women. They have urgent business, and they often have their own business They have children to care for, and they may have parents to care for And they have community obligations – Busy women, very busy. I followed their schedule for a week So I can add how many hours they work and how many hours they go to sleep I met them to talk about their plans for my book. One of the women I study their time record I went out on a Wednesday night to do something I came home and found the water heater Had burst and that the water around the basement has. If any of you ever happened You know it is a huge and frightening destruction, and anarchy. So, I immediately dealt with the event that night The next day the plumbers came The next day, a dedicated crew cleaned the destroyed carpets. All of this was recorded in the time record. In the end, it took seven hours of the week. Seven hours. This is like finding an extra hour a day. But I’m sure if you asked her at the beginning of the week “Can you find seven hours of triathlon training?” “Can you find seven hours to guide seven worthy people? I’m sure you’ll say what most of us will say, which is, “No – don’t you see how busy I am?” When she had to find seven hours Because the water around the basement, I found seven hours. This shows that time is very flexible. We can’t create more time But time will stretch in line with what we choose to put in it. So the key thing about time management is dealing with our priorities As happened with the explosion of the water heater. To reach that, I want to use the language of one of the busiest women I’ve ever met. I mean, she’s busy, she was running a small business With 12 employees on the payroll She has six children in her spare time. I contacted her to determine an interview About how her “all this” work – that phrase. I remember it was Thursday morning And you’re not ready to talk to me, sure, right? But the reason she couldn’t talk to me Is that she was on a walk It was a beautiful spring morning She wanted to go for a walk. This of course made me more interested When I finally met her, she explained it to me She said, “Listen, Laura, everything I do Every minute I spend, is optional. ” Instead of saying: “I don’t have time to do this, that, or this” She said, “I don’t do this, or that, because it’s not a priority.” “I don’t have time,” she said, often meaning, “It’s not my priority.” If you think about it, it’s actually a more precise language. I can say I don’t have time to dust my curtains But this is not true. If you offered to pay me $ 100,000 to remove dust for my curtains I will make it very clean and quickly. (Laughter) Since that won’t happen I can admit that it’s not a shortage of time I just don’t want to do. The use of this language reminds us that time is an option. And for recognition, There may be serious consequences for making different choices, I will give you this. But we are smart people And in the long run We have the power to fill our lives with things that deserve to exist. So how do we do this? How we deal with our priorities As the broken water heater has been treated? Well, first we need to know what our priorities are. I’ll give you two plans to think about that. First, the professional level: I am sure that many people end the year They give or receive reviews of their annual performance. You look at the successes of the past year, “your chances of development.” This serves the goal of the year. But I find it more effective if we do this in advance. So I want you to imagine that this is the end of next year. It will give yourself a review of your performance It was an absolutely wonderful year for you professionally What are the three to five things you’ve done that made your year wonderful? You can write a review of your subsequent performance from now. You can also do this at the level of your personal life. I am sure that many of you, like me, come December He gets cards with colored folded papers, It contains what is known as the family holiday message (Laughter) It’s a kind of really miserable literature! About how everyone at home was awesome, or even brilliant, And how everyone is busy in the family But this message serves a purpose It tells your family and friends For what you have done in your personal life throughout the year. It is a kind of annual achievement But I want you to imagine that we are at the end of next year It was a wonderful year for you and the people you care about. What are three to five things you did that made your year amazing? You can write your family holiday message from now. Don’t send it. (Laughter) Don’t send it please! But you can write it down. Now, review performance and write a family holiday message We have a list of six to ten goals we can do next year. We now need to divide them into actionable steps. You might want to write a family history. First, you can read the history of other families, to get used to the style. You may later think about questions you would like to ask your relatives And schedule them for an interview. Or maybe you want to run a five-kilometer race You need to find and register a race, and know the training plan And take out your shoes from behind your cupboard. And then – this is important – We deal with our priorities as has been dealt with a damaged water heater By putting them on our agenda first. We do this weeks before their time. I find the good time to do this is Friday afternoon. Friday afternoon is what an economist might call a “low-cost opportunity” Most of us don’t sit on a Friday afternoon To say, “I’m excited at this moment To make progress towards my personal and professional priorities. ” (Laughter) But we want to think about what these priorities should be. So, take a little time on Friday evening Make a list of priorities in three categories: job, relationships and self. Reminiscent of making a list of three categories That there must be things in all three categories. Function, think about – Relationships and self – not much. However, the list is only short Two to three items in each category. See later in all categories for next week And see where you can plan them. It is up to you where you want to plan them. I know it will be more complicated for some people than others. I mean, some people’s lives are harder than others. It won’t be easy to find time to take a poetry lesson If you are caring for a number of children on your own. I understand that. I do not want to minimize anybody’s conflict. But I think the numbers you’re about to tell are effective. There are 168 hours a week. 24 hours multiplied by 7 days equals 168 hours. This is a lot of time. If you work a full-time job, 40 hours a week You sleep 8 hours a night, 56 hours a week This leaves 72 hours for other things. This is a lot of time. You say you work 50 hours a week, Main function and side activity. Well, this leaves 62 hours for other things. You say you work 60 hours a week. Well, this leaves 52 hours for other things. You say you work more than 60 hours a week. Well, are you sure? (Laughter) There was a study comparing people’s estimated working weeks with their time schedules. They found that people demand more than 75 hours a week It was about 25 hours more than usual. (Laughter) You can guess in what direction, right? Anyway, with 168 hours a week I think we can find time to do the things that matter to us. If you want to spend more time with your kids You want to study more for an exam you will attend You want to exercise for three hours, and volunteer for two hours, you can. This is even if you work more hours than full-time hours. We have a lot of time, that’s awesome! Guess why? We don’t need that much time to do amazing things. But when most of us have little time, what do we do? We pull out the cell phone, right? And start deleting emails. Otherwise, we hang around the house, or watch TV. But small moments can hold great power. You can use a little time for a little fun. You may choose to read something beautiful while on the bus on your way to work. When I had a job that required two buses and a subway every morning. I used to go to the library on holidays to get things to read. Making the whole experience almost enjoyable. Work breaks can be used for meditation, or prayer. If the family dinners abroad because of the busy work schedule A family breakfast can be a good alternative. It takes time to look at each person’s time and see where fun things can work together. I really believe this! There is time. Even if we are busy, we have time for what matters. And when we focus on what matters We can build the life we want In the time available to us. thank you. (clap) .