Our Top 5 Attributes of a Great Tenant | Property Management | Welcome Home Rentals

Similar to dangerous tenants best tenants depart clues and when we see these 5 we get excited number one on time and well all set when a tenant arrives on time or even early for the inspection we all know that they’re geared up and respectful once they arrive with bureaucracy already accomplished and a tape measure for the fridge house and a just right record of questions we all know they are inspired quantity two falling in love no no longer with each other with your house tenants who love your house can be compelled to take better care of it and to stay longer number three a fantastic historical past just like employers we seem for tenants with a stable job historical past and condo history a tenant who has been with a enterprise for more than six months and has lived in the identical property for more than twelve months will constantly be appreciated over a tenant who has a historical past of fixing jobs and relocating each two months quantity 4 responsible the dependable pet homeowners and accountable parents are very handy to identify these tenants are sussing out the yard and the fencing and are honestly watching for a property that is suitable for them and their loved ones number 5 excellent communicators making use of for a property may be very very similar to making use of for a job and making a just right affect is so predominant no we don’t seem to be speaking about sucking up but cities who take the time to engage with the property manager show that they be aware of how you can be in contact an amazing conversation is important between an agent and a tenant and to stay instructed with our video weblog click on Subscribe